Your Pitta is Imbalanced!

What is Pitta?

In Ayurveda, Pitta, or the Fire element, is one of the three fundamental Doshas or biological energies. Pitta is specifically responsible for governing various metabolic processes in the body and is responsible for digestion, assimilation, and transformation of food, thoughts, and emotions.

  • What does an imbalance in Pitta mean?

    An excess/imbalance of Pitta can lead to various health issues, including hyperacidity, skin rashes, irritability, and inflammatory conditions.

  • What does a balanced Pitta feel like?

    When Pitta is in balance, it promotes a strong digestion, good appetite, intelligence, and courage. 

  • What can I do to balance my Pitta?

    To maintain balance in Pitta, Yurvida suggests the products below, as they will be best for resolving your particular imbalances.

Our suggestions for balancing your Pitta*